Tel Aviv…More than just Bauhaus and beaches!

Tel Aviv…More than just Bauhaus and beaches!


Just before Christmas, we had the pleasure of visiting Tel Aviv in Israel for the first time, and were struck by what an amazing place it is.

Pretium visited the city for the 34th International Exhibition for Food and Beverage – better known as IsraFood. This gave us the chance to meet up with some fascinating people and experience first-hand this beautiful city.



We were invited by a client to check out the potential of the Israeli market, and our first impressions were fantastic. We were immediately struck by the welcoming nature of the city. It’s a very European feeling place, with a tangible feeling that the city is open for business.

The emphasis is very much high-tech. There’s loads of innovative work going on, with development centres all over the place, and technological giants like Apple and Google are well represented.


As for the food market, there’s clearly a huge amount of potential there. Not only is it a lovely country with a great climate, there’s some fabulous stuff going on in the culinary world, and it offers a real experience for food lovers.

The show was excellent, with a whole host of wonderful Israeli produce to discover. There was also plenty of interest in our client’s product, and we picked up some good business leads. Particularly, it was a pleasure to meet with Keren Brown of Foodportunity, who runs networking events for the food community. We also had a really productive meeting with Carmit Ehrenreich of Starline Global Trade, who’s a real expert in food and wine markets throughout Israel and beyond.



We also couldn’t believe the quality of Israel’s wines! We sampled some really full-flavoured and rounded reds – it’s a pity we didn’t have time to experience more.

While we were there, we were lucky enough to work with wine photographer David Silverman, who introduced us to some wonderful reds. David himself creates some wonderful images of vineyards, harvests and wineries – check them out for yourself.

It really was a wonderful trip, filled with great food, tasty wines and friendly people, in a truly beautiful part of the world. We even saw the amazing Sailing Yacht A, which is owned by Andrey Melnichenko, off the coast – what an awesome sight.

So thanks to everyone we met in Tel Aviv – we can’t wait to work with you in future and we’re looking forward to going back to Israel soon to sample more of that wine.